*DATE:* Sunday 27th December 2020

    *TIME:* 7pm

    *VENUE:* WhatsApp & Telegram Platforms




  • *MODERATOR*: Lander Kehinde Apampa
    *IT SUPPORT:* Samad Okufuwa

    *1 WELCOME REMARKS* : Lander Sir Ben Adigun

    *2. OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAM* : Lander Kehinde Apampa

    *3. INTRODUCTION OF THE SPONSORS* : Lander Sylvia Abdalla


    *5. *THE WINNERS SPEAK:* Lander Shade Oni Fashola
    (a) Lander Alice Akpeokhai
    (b) Lander Akindemeji Onasanya
    (c) Lander Amede Achingale
    (d) Lander Samuel Amanze
    (e ) Lander Titi Shoyemi
    (f) Abiola Omotola

    *6. INTRODUCTION OF THE MENTORS:* Lander Aderenle Adebayo

    (a) Landers Bimpe Ashafa
    (b) Lander Tayo Sonuga
    (c ) Lander Patrick Okey
    (e) Lander Sam Ikoku
    (f) Lander Ade Akibayo
    (g) Lander Tonia Alabi

    *7. PAIRING OF THE WINNERS WITH MENTORS* Lander Tonia Ezeokeke

    *8. VOTE OF THANKS:* Lander Tayo Phillips

    *27th December 2020*

The Winners…Photo from Great Lander Sylvia Abdalla

The Event Starts Here……..

1 = WELCOME REMARKS: Lander Sir Ben Adigun
Good evening dear participants in this 10th series of our Educative, Informative and empowerment programmes which commenced early this year. May I once again congratulate you on your success in the stiff competition amongst your fellow Landers. You have been interacting with your mentors and I believe you have gained a lot and are prepared to share your experiences with other people around you especially fellow Great Landers family members here present in on this platform today. I equally thank your respective mentors for making it a point of duty to partake in the programme and making it a resounding success.
Having said these, may I implore our other fellow members to sit back and enjoy the interaction which I am sure would be educative as well as highly rewarding. As it has come as a closing glee for the year I admonish us all to be prepare to take part in the future programes for the year 2021 which I am sure would be more than rewarding for us. To our exco and untiring organizers, I say well done urge them to continue with the good work.
Thank you and happy new year 2021.
Ben Olu Adigun (KSM).

2 = THE OVERVIEW by Vice President Lander Kehinde Apampa’ .

The Executive of Great Landers Alumni Association (GLAA) welcome you all to the 10th GLAA Educative, Informative and Empowerment series.

This series commenced on the 30th of May 2020 and it is designed to inform, educate and empower Great Landers. Speakers were invited from within and outside the Association and a practical empowerment program was executed in September. Below are the executed series for the year 2020

  1. 30th May 2020- Dr Shogo Oyeniyi: 10 commandment of Business
  2. 13th June 2020 – Lander Prof Ademola Oremosu: Covid-19 and post Covid, Health, Facts and Myths, making informed choices
  3. 27th June 2020 – Lander Mercy Igbafe : Leveraging Digital Tools to drive business growth post Covid.
  4. 11th July 2020 – Dr. Ikechukwu Kelikume: Agricbusiness Value Chain.
  5. 25th July 2020 – Mrs Tabore Olumoye: Fundamentals of personal financial planning.
  6. 8th August 2020 – Lander Sumbo Kumuyi: Immunity building meal and menu for the family.
  7. 22nd August 2020 – Lander Tayo Sonuga: Real Estate, a sure investment.
  8. 5th September 2020- Lander Atinuke Lawal Sanusi: Cancer ‘ early detection is key.
  9. 19th September 2020- Pitch your business and win program
  10. 27th December 2020 – Winners of GLAA Pitch your business and win” speak.

Today’s program which is the final one for the year brings a closure to the Pitch your business and win competition.

On the 19th of September 2020, the PITCH YOUR BUSINESS AND WIN practical empowerment program organized by GLAA produced 6 winners:

1 First Prize: N200, 000 – Lander Alice Akpeokhai (2004)

  1. 2nd Prize: N150, 000- Lander Samuel Akindemeji (1996)
  2. 3rd Prize: N100, 000- Lander Amede Achinghale (1979)
  3. 4th Prize: N50, 000- Lander Samuel Amanze (1999)
  4. 5th Prize: N50, 000- Lander Titilope Soyemi (2004)
  5. 6th Prize: N50, 000 – Lander Abiola Omotola (2004)

In addition to the cash prizes the winners were sponsored to a one week Enterprise Development program. Afterwards MENTORS, all members of Great Landers Alumni were assigned to all the contestants for one year.

The winners will be speaking on the program and their experiences.

We shall be revealing the mentors to house this evening and also reading from them.

We appreciate all our sponsors who all made the Pitch your business a reality. Unfortunately we lost one of the sponsors, Lander Mosun Sofola in the course of the year. May her gentle and generous soul rest in peace.

We thank all GREAT LANDERS who volunteered their time, resources, skill, and expertise in ensuring the success of this Program.

Wishing you all a HAPPY 2021.

We hereby commence with today’s program.

Lander Kehinde Apampa’
Vice President
Great Landers Alumni Association
27th December 2020.



When the idea was conceived a few Landers were approached to donate towards the prize for the contestants. The prize was monetary and a one week course on Enterprise Development. A total sum of Six hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira (660,000) was donated by the following Great Landers: Lander Tayo Sonuga, Lander Titi Fabamwo , Lander Patrck Okey Mgbenwelu , Lander Kehinde Apampa and Late Lander Mosun Sofola who passed away recently, may her kind and gentle soul rest in peace. WE APPRECIATE ALL OUR SPONSORS.

Sponsors of The GLAA Pitch Your Business And Win Competition 2020




1) My name is Alice Akpeokhai nee Amupitan, from Kogi state. I presently reside in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria where I run my business. I was an arts student in Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School 2004 set. I proceeded to study Linguistics and French in the University of Ibadan and graduated in 2011.
2) I run a Catering Business; we bake cakes for all events and small chops. This business was born out of passion and due to the fact that on a daily people have events like Birthdays/Anniversaries to celebrate.
3) From my research, I found out that the Food Industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in our country today. I meet people’s needs in getting quality cakes at affordable prices, I train other people thus empowering them with the required skill(s) to work with. I also employ people – creating jobs as unemployment is one of the challenges our youths are facing.
4) My business Name is EARLIVENT ENTERPRISE and the social media handles are as follows;
I started my business in 2016. I got relieved of my work in a multinational company, I was 27 years old at the time. It hurt so badly, I vowed not to work for anyone again but to build and make my dream a reality.
Capital had always been a problem, but gradually we are pulling through.
I started my business from my dining room. I registered my business name and got a corporate account for it.
Gradually, I started getting referrals, some people also registered to acquire training and I got a place to teach them the know-how of the business. We started expanding as a business; from operating 1 shop in 2017 to managing 2 shops in 2019 with a goal in mind – moving to a flat in 2020.
At the moment, our 2 shops are fully engaged i.e. we dont have enough space. I intend to rent a flat hopefully this October 2020, but currently still sourcing for the funds. I am hoping to win this, so I can take the business to the next level.
5) At present, I bake only on request. I plan to introduce a “Cakes-on-the-go” model. Many times we have declined orders because they come in impromptu but with Cakes-on-the-go model, we would be able to fulfill all orders and not lose any sales.




My name is Akíndiméjì Samuel Ọnàásànyà a member of the GLAA family 1996 set.
I have written, recorded and produced award winning songs and movie soundtracks that are still relevant today.
(I’ve Come To Worship; Iyanu[MIRACLES] which is still running on about 3 television stations at the moment; Erinlákátabú which won an award in Netherlands and was orchestrated and performed with the North Netherlands Orchestra)

Studio on Wheels: I run a mobile business in the multimedia oriented field where I handle audio and visual productions, performances, education and research.

Unique Selling Point: A few years ago, I decided to target professionals who are talented and interested in recording songs and videos but – as a result of their schedule – could not actualise such dreams.
So I acquired portable studio equipments with which I can go to their homes and capture their raw ideas to be developed into fully well produced music and shot videos.
During the lockdown, I get materials from clients through the internet and also revert back the same medium at the conclusion of the projects.

The accessibility and track record of my business gives it an edge of viability which can be reckoned with anyday.
A greater percale of the groundwork, logistics and delivery are handled by me and even if I have multiple clients per time, there is a framework that allows me to attend to ALL without being overwhelmed.
Within the lockdown period, I have successfully handled more than 35 productions without it affecting other areas of my expertise.

Due to the ever increasing knowledge base and technological innovations, there is a need to upgrade, update, expand and be more mobile so that I can reach the unreached.
In order not to wait till there is a vehicle to move my equipments around, I have opted for the smaller ones that I can move with cabs.

Thank you for the opportunity.
Long Live GLAA,
Long Live MCSS,
Long Live Nigeria.




My name is Amede Achingale, Founder of ForteVest360 the home of Wealth creation and financial literacy. I am an ex-Lander (79 set) and banker, Agropreneur, Trainer and a UNDP Certified Agribusiness Suppliers’ Development Consultant with over 28 years experience spread over various areas and also an Alumni of the Founder Institute, Lagos.
Before the FI program in February 2020, I was helping health conscious individuals access easy to cook and hygenically produced superfoods and spices in the local and foreign markets. I have also, in the last 4 years helped over 100+ individuals and cooperatives invest more than ₦200M in multiple sectors and unbelievably we have been earning between– 60% and 80% ROI in less than 12 months.

I represent a company called Fortvest360 Solutions, a registered business, recently launched under the Founder Institute (Cohort ll), Lagos Program.
We launched manually in June 2020 and succeeded in validating our Business Idea and model; and currently about to start the Beta testing of the platform before the end of September 2020 with some already vetted investment opportunities in the Agric and Real estate sectors.
Market research reveals that there are 96 million+ savings accounts in Nigeria with credit balances just sitting and nobody knows where and how to go about investing it…. Some of us have tried and got scammed…. We are even in a worse off situation today, with the global effects and impact of Covid-19 and the Nigerian Naira losing its value by the day.
Furthermore, If you have spare money to invest, banks are not the right places because of the very low interest rates (below 1% per annum after deductions). Also, non-banking investments are much more profitable but most people lack trust and don’t have the right knowledge of where and how to invest. But if you can ensure credibility and provide knowledge, people are more likely to invest.

Therefore, the opportunity lies in the ability to identify, vet, insure and fund credible opportunities with higher than market rates of return. It is in response to this that we are creating a hybrid marketplace (myfortvest.com) to help individuals (especially women), SMEs and cooperatives to access low risk, safe and reliable investment opportunities across multiple sectors such as Agribusiness, Real estate, Commerce, etc. This will address the problem of:

Knowledge gap
Low interest in savings account (below 1% per annum after deductions)
Lack of a savings culture and trust.

My company, Fortvest360 Solutions is creating an online marketplace (myfortvest.com) to help individuals (especially women), SMEs and cooperatives to identify and invest in low risk, safe and reliable investment opportunities across multiple sectors such as Agribusiness, Real estate, Commerce, as well as fill the knowledge gap using a bucket and cooperative models.
It’s a competitive marketplace but what sets us apart is that we are a hybrid with our products and that of other companies and we go the extra mile to ensure that the projects are are vetted, insured and safe with attractive rate of returns thereby, keeping investors’ minds at rest. The funds received from the marketplace will be managed by a Funds Management firm.

With an addressable market share of N4.7 billion we are targeting just 5% of that and 25% share of profit per unit of investment assuming a unit price of
Taking part in the PITCH YOUR BUSINESS AND WIN event is not about the cash prize, but the opportunity to showcase our business idea and model, network and get matched with a mentor. So if I win the cash prize I will only be able to use it to offset some of the startup costs already incurred.

Join us on the mission to identify and create simple, safe and secure investment opportunities with attractive rates of return and reduce the knowledge gap!!!!!




I thank the organizers of this program for the initiative, resource and energy implored towards encouraging the alumni members and also encouraging small scale businesses.
Amazonious integrated oil -field is Agro based Oil field not yet registered is an initiative over a decade ago but came into proper commercial operations in the last three years ago (2017) owing to the NEED to diversify into agro production.
Currently the Agro palm oil field is operating on an 8 plots of land with not less than seventy (70) oil palm stands producing at low capacities due to agro based deficiency in resources. However, with this initiative I believe there is a positive prospective for the palm oil production.
Production activities and distribution has been ongoing and a prospective new site with respect to a 2-3 plots which can accommodate over 20-30 oil palm stands, have been left undeveloped due to financial in-capabilities.
Palm oil is a product of general usage either for domestic consumption or industrial usage. Thus its special nature or uniqueness cannot be over emphasized.
The grant if given will be utilized in the following areas:
Industrial Vast clearing/ pruning of weeds and immediate fertilizer application to enable quick growth and potential increase in production.
The purchase of a new mobile cart to convey the palm oil bunch to nearby processing oil mills which will hasten processing time.
Increase in production activities at the new site of 3 plots by cultivating new oil palm seedlings which will yield produce in the nearest future.
Prepare a proper frontier for the stages of a mini OIL MILL processing plant installation.
I really look forward towards being considered for this grant as it will cover a huge gap of expectations.

Thank you for your Audience.
Long live my Alma mater (MCSS).




My name is Shoyemi Titilope, a single Mother of a handsome boy. I graduated from MCSS in the year 2004. I attended Yaba College of Technology for my National Diploma in Food Science and Technology, after which I obtained my BSC in Economics in the University of Ibadan. I worked with Intercontinental Bank plc as a Marketer in ( Retail & Personal Banking), from there I worked as a marketer in a property firm (De- Truth Property). I later joined my mum’s business, she does events Catering & Decorations ( indoor & outdoor) and Events planning which I continued to support the business.
My passion for Organic Skincare Products started in the year 2011, then I was always Purchasing my body cream in a cosmetic shop around Yaba area in Lagos. One fateful day, I went for my normal monthly shopping and I heard the Owner of the shop speaking in her dialect to her member of staff to stylishly give her a bottle of JIK bleaching liquid to mix the Cream I was about to purchase. I immediately stood up and told them I wanted to quickly see a friend and I will be back by the time they will be done with the product, that was how I left and never went back. I started using regular baby body cream and within some weeks I was getting darker and was unhappy with my skin colour because it was difficult to get the right body cream for my skin type. On a fateful day I was browsing on Facebook when I saw an advert “Learn How To Make Organic Skin Care Products”, I was interested to learn about organic products so I inquired more and I was able to enroll for the training program for about six weeks of going from Arepo, Ogun state to Langbesa, Ajah. This is how my journey into Organic Skincare Products started and I derived my brand name ” MAB COSMETICS”- from my Mother’s name Mabel.
Mab Cosmetics is into organic skincare productions for all skin types and various skin treatments. Some of our products are-
MAB FACECREAM: Used on the face to enhance smoothness and glow.
MAB WHITENING CREAM: For people who want to be 3/ 4 shades lighter.
ARABIAN GLOW BODY CREAM: For those who want their body skin to be white.
MAB BODY WASH: Used to remove dirt particles and gives a brighter shade.
MAB BODY BUTTER: For both children and adults who want To maintain their skin complexion and also to glow.
We also have the MAB KIDDIES BODY CREAM/SOAP, MAB CHOCOLATEY for dark skinned toned people, Mab Body Scrub, Mab toner, Mab Cleansers etc.
Mab Cosmetics products is special because we use 100 % organic plant based products and not
steroids, or harmful bleaching agents .We produce based on our customers skin types, that makes us unique. We understand the fact that our skin differs and we produce for people In relating to their skin conditions. We rightly produce for what works for every skin type and not just produce same composition and sell to everyone
I really love to participate and win the stat prize as I will use the money to boost my business in terms of production. The little capital I have been turning over has been used to buy raw materials in little quantities thereby creating little profit margin unlike buying in large quantities. In this era of Covid-19, Social media and Online marketing has spiked up businesses and I really want to be part of this success story by engaging social media influencers and paying for sponsored adverts to publicize Mab Cosmetics. I will also like to partake in the eEnterprise Development Training.
If given this opportunity, Mab Cosmetics will gain valuable exposure, network, build partnership and most importantly secure funding and accelerate her business.




I am Abiola Omotola{Mrs}, Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School 04 set, I attended Moshood Abiola Polytechnic(HND) 2014 and married with three kids.

I am into chilling of drinks like water and minerals as a wholesaler to the retailers most expecially hawkers in the traffic whereby helping the less privilege to make their ends meet.

The uniqueness about it is, it serves as a daily needs of the masses, it is inevitable and necessary to human lives, another unique part of it is that we give it to the hawkers even without money to go and sell and pay after removing their commission. We also chill for parties like birthdays, burials, cocktails, wedding etc.

Human needs water, juice, minerals etc as an easy access before a meal, in a situation where someone is coming from a journey and the sun scorches, chilled water or mineral soft drink is the easiest to get even in the traffic. But I have some hindrances in the part of electricity and freezers to boost the business. That is why I seek your consideration for the prize to help achieve this..

If I am consider for this prize, my plan for next year is to have a standby generator and a small cold room for chilling. So help me God.

Thanks and looking forward to your consideration.


Abiola Omotola.

5 = THE WINNERS SPEAK: Lander Shade Oni Fashola
(a) Lander Alice Akpeokhai
(b) Lander Akindemeji Onasanya
(c) Lander Amede Achingale
(d) Lander Samuel Amanze
(e ) Lander Titi Shoyemi
(f) Abiola Omotola.

6 = INTRODUCTION OF THE MENTORS: Lander Aderenle Adebayo

(a) Landers Bimpe Ashafa
(b) Lander Tayo Sonuga
(c ) Lander Patrick Okey
(e) Lander Sam Ikoku
(f) Lander Ade Akibayo
(g) Lander Tonia Alabi.


Mentor Landers Bimpe Ashafa for Mentee Lander Alice Akpeokhai

Mentor Lander Tayo Sonuga for Mentee Lander Akindemeji Onasanya

Mentor Lander Patrick Okey Mgbenwelu for Mentee Lander Amede Achingale

Mentor Lander Sam Ikoku for Mentee Lander Samuel Amanze

Mentor Lander Ade Akibayo for Mentee Lander Titi Shoyemi

Mentor Lander Tonia Alabi for Mentee Abiola Omotola

I wish to thank the President and the Vice president for the visionary leadership they had exhibited. The members of the GLAA Exco who had carried on irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.
I thank the Donors again that made this project possible. Without them the project would have remained a but a dream.
The participants who gave their all to the competition and made it competitive and interesting.
The Mentors that had dedicated their time despite how busy they are.
To the entire GLAA family thank you for your continued support.
Thank you all and God bless.

Lander Tonia Ezeokeke.

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