Great Landers Alumni 2018/ 2019 Annual Report

Here lies the Great Landers Alumni Association 2018/ 2019 Annual Report. Only The Table of Contents has been listed here; you can view or download the full report and digest it.



Table of contentsPage(s)
National President2
Board of Trustees3
2019 Secretary’s Report4 to 9
Dues Register10 to 35
2018/2019 Financial Report36 to 46
Levy as 2018 Dues 47 to 51
Levy as School Donation52
2018 & 2019 Dues53 to 54
Project Fund54 to 56
Donation & Sponsorship 57
Advertisers in the Alumni Magazine57
Reunion & 50th Anniversary Registration list58 to 62
Photos of 2019 AGM63 to 64
Attendance list @ 2019 AGM65
49th Anniversary Accounts66 to 81
49th Anniversary Report 82 to 90
Photos of Great Landers @ 49th Anniversary celebration  91
50th Anniversary Report  92 to 100
Great Landers Alumni members on candid camera101 to 102
Birthday Train 103 to 106
Press Coverage of Great Landers107
Vital information108
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